What are your admission criteria?

At McCord, we follow the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placemente Criteria for level III.7. Basically, an adolescent has to have an identified alcohol and/or other drug problem that is causing significant distress in their life to the point that they need a 24-hour structured setting to address their issues.

Do you accept adolescents with psychiatric problems?

Yes, in fact the majority of the adolescents we see have some sort of psychiactric problem in addition to their substance problem. We do not, however, admit adolescents who are actively suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic. Those adolescents should be referred to a psychiactric facility to stabilize those issues. Once stabilized, McCord will be happy to screen the adolescent to determine if we can treat him/her.

Does the adolescent have to recognize they have a problem with substances?

No, in fact the majority of the adolescents we treat do not believe they have a substance problem. Part of the treatment process is to allow the adolescent to explore their substance use to help them identify the problem. However, every adolescent should be willing to stay at McCord and abide by the rules.

Do you accept Involuntary Commitments?

Yes and no. Most adolescents do not want to enter into treatment, however with appropriate leverage and considering the alternatives they are willing to enter McCord. We do not accept adolescents if they indicate they will not abide by the rules and will run from the facility. Those adolescents should be referred to a physically secure facility.

What do you do when an adolescent wants to leave your facility?

The adolescent's Primary Counselor will talk with the adolescent to attempt to understand why the adolescent wants to leave and also help the adolescent understand why it is in his/her best interest to stay. If necessary, the entire clinical staff will also talk with the adolescent to encourage him/her and a group will be held with the other clients to convince him/her to stay. The parent/guardian will also be contacted as will the referring agency and any other agency involved. Should, after all of this, the adolescent still wish to leave the facility, we will contact the parent to have the adolescent picked up.

What are the costs?

Our daily rate for inpatient treatment is $410 excluding physician services and medications. We accept SC Medicaid, most private insurance carriers and self pay agreements. Through a Financial Assessment we will help determine if the family is eligible for Medicaid and, if so, help them apply."